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1) How to Have a Lasting & Successful Relationship  

  • Beneficial for Singles or Couples of all preferences
  • Communication skills to prevent needless conflicts and misunderstandings that build resentment leading to breakups, and many other profound lessons

This course explores the hidden reasons within your own mind that you misinterpret events of things said and take them in a negative way, which leads you to creating an argument when there is no need.

  • We do not have to fight. It’s NOT normal to fight and get frustrated
  • We do not need to go through endless relationships that always go in the same downward spiral.
  • We CAN have harmonious, love filled relationships that have more passion than ever before, and over time instead of passion fading, it grows into a profound deep and life long lasting love.
  • We CAN find love in our heart and in our life.

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